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Celebrating Milestones on the Mediterranean
All my working life I have travelled; first while working in the hotel industry and more recently as a travel writer. I am lucky to have been able, over the years, to include my children in my travels and each of them has joined me individually, some more than once. In more recent years now that the children are all grown, I manage an annual trip with my wife but she hasn't travelled with the children individually. This year both she and our only daughter passed milestone birthdays and decided that it was time they took a vacation together on their own. Read More
The Art of Comfort and Luxury
Every home can become a place of comfort, relaxation and inspiration. This is the premise of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging interiors to make the best of energy flow throughout the house. James Lee and Julia Zhu wanted to ensure their waterfront estate was Feng Shui approved so the couple flew a well-known artist from Hong Kong to help design their luxurious Innisfil residence. Read More
Holiday Gift Guide 2013
Gifts from local Barrie shops. Read More